Connection. Dis-connection. Feeling the feelings and move with it.

Be safe and risk it anyway.

Be crazy. Be brave.

This is the home of a creative educator and business strategist who also writes, produce and direct film, media and theater. Someone who loves social impact, recycling of ideas and brave change.

From being still with discomfort to moving into creation and motion finding another way, be at peace and making joy a daily companion. Yep that is my journey…

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The 1 year challenge  – to write daily about a rediscovery of self and rebuilding of a life after diagnosed high sensitivity, an assumed stage 4 cancer and medical burn out – and the coming to terms with a life in the shadow of parental addiction and its consequences on grown up life, relationships and business.

But also a lot about life-reflections, philosophy and people-to-people stuff…in other words that thing called LIFE.

For anyone who wish to get a hold of me personally regarding blog-posts, guess blogging, interviews, writing gigs, projects, jobs etc – best way is to email me directly at contact@crazybravelife.org